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Porcelain Pour Over Coffee Cone


Café quality is easy with our porcelain pour-over cone & organic coffee. Simply place a paper filter in the cone, add ground coffee, and pour in hot water.


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Pour Over is the prefered brewing method of most high end coffee roasters. A slow steady pour of hot water agitates the grounds and ensures the best extraction from the coffee, excitation of crema, and delightful aromatic release.


Coffee: Grind your favorite whole bean coffee to your preferred consistency for pour over brewing or grab your pre-ground supply. Weigh or volumetrically measure out the correct amount of ground coffee for the amount of water you intend to use.
Water: Heat a sufficient amount of cold water in an electric or stovetop kettle to your desired brewing temperature (or boiling). Keep in mind that some water will be left in the grounds and the water will lose some heat during the brewing process, so heat a little bit more water than you intend to serve and to ~15°F warmer than your target brewing temperature. In many areas, pre-filtering the water through a charcoal filter is advised for the cleanest and most consistent taste.
Filter: Grab a paper pour over coffee filter, spread it open in the porcelain pour over coffee cone. Truncated-cone shaped paper filters fit best, but other shapes can be used with a bit of folding.
Drinkware: Grab your favorite steady mug or similar drinkware with a fairly wide brim -- you'll be placing the pour over cone on top of the mug, so you'll want the mug to be stable and flat-bottomed in addition to wide enough to catch all the drips from the cone. Pro Tip: If you're losing too much heat in the brewing process, consider pre-heating the mug with hot water from your kettle for a moment prior to brewing.

The Brew
Place the mug on a flat counter where it won't be disturbed, place the pour over cone on top of the mug so the inner ring sits securely inside the rim of the mug.  Place the paper filter in the cone, pre-folding it as necessary to keep the filter open and shaped like the cone.  Pour your ground coffee into the center of the filter. Slowly pour the heated/boiling water over the center of grounds, carefully balancing how much water is at the top of the cone so it doesn't overflow the edges of the paper or porcelain cone.  Slowly add water as the water level falls over time.  Depending on your filter choice and coarseness of your grind, this pouring process can take up to 200 seconds.  When you've poured the last of your heated water through the filter and cofee grinds, wait an additional 20-30 seconds to allow the last of the water to gravity feed through the grounds and into your mug.  The porcelain will have heated up during the brew, so be careful and be sure to use the handle to lift it off your mug, placing it in a sink or other high-temperature-permissable surface.  Enjoy the heat, crema, and lovely aroma of your brew!

Cleanup & Composting
Once you've enjoyed your brew, the cleanup of your brewing setup can commence. Coffee grounds make fantastic compost material, and nearly all paper pour over coffee filters available are compostable too. The wet grounds and filter may still be quite hot from brewing, so be careful not to scald yourself if you're cleaning up immediately after brewing. When at a safe temperature, squish the grounds and filter to remove any excess water, then bundle the set up for composting or as biodegradable waste. The porcelain cone can be handwashed and drip-dried, or put in the dishwashser for cleaining.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Lara Lightsey Picou
I LOVE this pour over coffee set

When I first got married over ten years ago, I registered for a coffee pot never realizing my husband doesn't drink coffee. For years, I used the pot daily to make the smallest pot possible and the daily cleaning was a lot for a single serving of coffee. Then I switched to a French press. It worked perfectly fine as well, but again the cleaning is cumbersome for a single cup. I ordered the Brandless pour over set and have never been happier! It makes a perfect cup of coffee (I use only organic beans) and the cleanup couldn't be simpler — I rinse the cone daily after use and run it through the dishwasher weekly. The simplicity makes it so easy to use daily for just a single cup. Our nanny even uses it after me and has commented on how wonderful the flavor is from a pour over setup. The best part is each person using it can tailor their cup of coffee to their particular taste, using more or less coffee depending on how strong they like their's. I even plan to bring this cone with me when we travel. Many places have put in kuerigs, which I loathe — they tastes like coffee-water and not a real cup of coffee — but now I will bring this along. It's a cinch to pack and not as delicate as traveling with a French press. Definitely well worth the money! I highly recommend!

Sharon Stalling

The porcelain coffee filter works like a charm. I am very pleased with my purchase.

Jen R.
Well made and easy to use

I love this coffee maker. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, it looks great and it makes great coffee (because I use great beans!) It’s definitely with buying! I highly recommend it!

MaryLou Rupp

I love the porcelain cup holder. It makes a great cup of coffee. Highly recommend.

Noelle Ward
Perfect Little One Cup Coffee Maker!

Love this product! So much more environmentally friendly and great tasting coffee!!

jean hayward
Great price

Works well, 1/4 the price of other similar cone drippers

Liking the pour over

I bought this porcelain pour over for my son because he wanted to try this type of coffee. And what a great price for a quality product. This porcelain pour over is substantial and not flimsy feeling and it fits on top of a coffee mug very well. I would buy this again.