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Grill Brush

Keep grates clean with this brush, AKA the workhorse of the grill

1 ct

As any grill master will tell you, the key to grilling is to start with a clean and hot grill grate. Heat the grate before cleaning so the heat burns up any lingering food particles from your last grilling adventure. Using this stainless steel brush, gently scrape along the grate in a diagonal motion. Start at the point closest to you and move upward. Be sure to move in one direction to prevent damage to the coating. Tada! A clean grate that’s ready for the next BBQ feast. Pro tip: after you brush the grates, wipe the grates with a lightly oiled cloth or towel to prevent food from sticking to the grill.

Stainless Steel Bristles
Textured Handle


Hand wash only.


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