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Nakiri Knife


Ready, set, prep! Our 6.5" stainless-steel Nakiri is a versatile knife for chopping, slicing & mincing. The riveted handle, full-tang construction, and nice heavy blade makes for sharp, even slicing of fruits and vegetables. The long cutting edge and squared off end makes it possible to slice all the way through to the cutting board without having to rock or pull the knife. To top it off, the blunt end and long blade makes for moving chopped ingredients to your pan a cinch. This knife is similar to a cleaver, but has a sharper and narrower blade to slice easily through tougher fruits and vegetables.  Upgrade your cooking tools and get ready for versatile chopping!


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What is the Nakiri Knife best for?
The Nakiri Knife was designed to be great at slicing and chopping harder vegetable like potatoes, hard squash, carrots, celery, and radishes.

What is the best way to weild the Nakiri?
The Nakiri is squared off at the end without a point, so use this blade from tip to tail completely when cutting vegetables and doing any kind of vegetable or fruit prep. This knife is meant to slice, dice, and chop through vegetables, fruits, and herbs not for precision cutting around bone like you would do with the long pointed blade of a Chef’s Knife. When using the Nakiri, come straight down on the vegetable, herb, or fruit, as opposed to a rocking style used with many other knives.

Can the Nakiri also be used on meat?
The Nakiri is optimized for fruits and vegetables, so there are certainly other knives that may be better for meat, like the cleaver. Cleavers typically have a much thicker blade and wider blade geometry to chop through bone, cartilage, and bigger pieces of connective tissue. Instead, the Nakiri is best at more delicate, fine work, like cutting vegetables very thin. For meat prep that does not include chopping through bone, we recommend the Santoku Knife.

What special dish is the Nakiri perfect for?
It is great for salads because you can easily chop and slice everything to be really thin for fanning out as beautiful salad-top garnishes, as matchstick style mix-ins, or as minced ingredients to evenly suffuse flavors throughout the salad.

Weight: 0.51 lbs.
Blade Length: 6.5"
Overall Length: 11.9"


We recoommend hand washing to keep your blades from dulling more quickly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 129 reviews
Amazing Nakiri knife

So happy with this knife! It cuts like butter. Looking forward to getting the chefs knife next!!

Tom Vogel
my new knife!

feels good in my hand and cuts great! and i love the look of it. it's in the block with my expensive knives.

Evelyn Shroyer
Versatile & Sharp!

This knife is versatile and so sharp. Love it.

Tom Brasseur

Nakiri Knife

L J Nelson Byers
Great knife

Great knife! Sharp and works really well!

Nakiri Knife

I've wanted one of these for awhile. It's exactly what I hoped it would be and at a very reasonable price.

Nancy Lisk

Bought it for my daughter and she loves it!!!