Based in San Francisco and Minneapolis, Brandless was brought to life on July 11, 2017. We’re a group of thinkers, eaters, doers, and lovers of life with big dreams about changing the world. Our mission is deeply rooted in quality, transparency, and community-driven values. Better stuff, fewer dollars. It's that simple.

Everyone deserves better.

We've created a thoughtful, irresistible selection of the food and household products you reach for every day. Searching far and wide for high-quality materials and healthy ingredients, everything that's Brandless is also bad-stuff-less and goodness‑ful.

Brandless cuts inefficiences and markups to deliver lower prices

Who says better needs to cost more?

BrandTax™ is the hidden costs you pay for a national brand. We've been trained to believe these costs increase quality, but they rarely do. We estimate the average person pays at least 40% more for products of comparable quality as ours. And sometimes up to 370% more for beauty products like face cream. We're here to eliminate BrandTax™ once and for all.

Our team has benchmarked pricing across five major retailers (in-store and online). With that information, we’ve calculated the average BrandTax™ for each item across our entire everyday essentials selection.

BrandTax™ will be calculated quarterly and your savings will be reflected on your account page. Brandless will always offer you great value, on every item, every day.

Just What Matters™

At Brandless, we put people first. That means you. We know your values are important and you look for better-for-you products in every aspect of your life. So do we! Around here we focus on “just what matters.” That starts with offering products that match your values, preferences, and at times requirements—where it matters our products are non-GMO, sometimes organic, fair trade, kosher, gluten free, no added sugar and more. It’s different for everyone.

We rigorously vet, taste, try, and sometimes create hundreds of formulations for deliciousness, safety, quality, and pure goodness. From there, we partner with our suppliers to create packaging that makes sense, limits waste, and distills the values and ingredients you care about most. We try to keep it simple, so hopefully you can easily find Just What Matters™ to you. We really care about that.
Learn more about our standards of quality.

Safety & Integrity

Our products are made under the highest standards of safety, quality, and social ethics such as certified Global Food Safety (GFSI) or Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Household Cleaners

Brandless products adhere to the strictest performance and nontoxic, safer-chemical standards set by the EPA.

Home & Office

Our paper products are either made with bamboo and sugarcane fiber or are FSC certified ensuring sustainable forestry practices.

Food & Beverage

Our vast food assortment is entirely non-GMO and over half is certified organic. All of our food is made without any artificial preservatives or flavors.

Health & Beauty

We’re against animal testing. In addition, we’ve banned over 400 harmful ingredients like parabens, polypropylene, phthalates, and sulfates from our beauty products.

Feminine Hygiene

Brandless feminine hygiene products are made from hypoallergenic certified organic cotton, free of chlorine, rayon, fragrance, or dyes.

Brandless partners with Feeding America to provide a meal each time you shop with Brandless
Brandless partners with Feeding America to provide a meal each time you shop with Brandless

Tangible Acts of Kindness

We believe doing is what matters, so we're committed to giving back—starting by helping people facing hunger. Partnering with Feeding America®, the nation's leading domestic hunger relief organization, a meal* is donated every time you shop on Brandless. We’re also planning community events, volunteering, giving opportunities, and more.

As we grow, we continue to explore the ways to leave a positive impact on our neighborhood, country, and planet through tangible acts of kindness—because to us, that's priceless.

* Learn more about our Give Back program.

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