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White Porcelain Tableware Bundle


Our White Porcelain Tableware Bundle is the perfect set to freshen up your table, replace your hand-me-downs or gift to anyone moving into a new home. Use alone for a clean, classic look or pair with our Black Stoneware Tableware Bundle to spruce things up for a more modern mix-and-match option.

This bundle retails for $68 and includes. 


Brandless Checkmark durable Brandless Checkmark classic Brandless Checkmark microwave safe Brandless Checkmark dishwasher safe Brandless Checkmark versatile


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
kaleigh lemberger
Cute set!

Because I don’t move for a couple months , I haven’t used the set yet, meaning I can’t say how durable or long lasting they are . However , everything came in one piece and seem very sturdy . All of the dishes are big , but not bulky . Perfect size for me . Good price , extremely fast shipping . Did find an unopened bottle of elderberry gummies inside my package that I did not order . Fluke or intentional, I will be taking them! 9/10 dish set , want to say 10
but haven’t used yet . Thanks


I bought the white dishes to give myself a little something new, after all my china is now 40 years old, and I thought I could use a change. WOW! the quality is top notch, andI love the shape and size of the mugs. I am so thrilled with the white set, I'll be adding the black as well. Worth every penny and nobody will guess the low price when they see the beauty and quality of this tableware.

Lynette Carothers
Perfect for all occasions

My search for a white dinnerware set was starting to drive me crazy. The stoneware brands are entirely too heavy. The high end porcelain was completely out of my price range. Plus, it was too delicate for daily use. The thought of purchasing the well known brand that starts with a C was looking to be the only option. But it felt and looked like it was for a family with small children (IMO).
When making a payment on another purchase I found Brandless as another store that used the same payment center. The dinnerware immediately popped up as if it knew I was looking for the set! It was adult in the look. The mugs are perfect for even large male fingers in the handles. They call the mug shape "bullet". The porcelain is the heavier version of porcelain, but still much lighter than any stoneware.
I love the shape of the bowls. They are rounded up rather than the flat bottom with a flat raised lip that is always sloshing the contents over the flat area above the bowl.
The set looks so good I am going to have my cabinet doors have glass put in so they will be on display.
They wash well in the dishwasher. Are perfect for the microwave. The serving bowls are the rounded bottom and slightly squared corners. These bowls have the perfect size for cooking sides in the microwave and serving directly from the bowl.
The packaged set comes with 4 of the plates, bowls, salad plates, and coffee mugs. The final addition to the set is 2 of the serving bowls.
I purchased 2 sets and hope they will offer a large serving platter, or I may have missed it on the site.
The price was so reasonable I was shocked. My 2 sets were 1/3 the cost of a 4 place setting porcelain at a well known department store. (And it didn't come with the serving bowls!)
These appear to be kid friendly. I have accidentally had plates slip and hit each other when loading the dishwasher and they didn't chip as lightweight expensive porcelain can sometimes do from a minor mishandling.
These are a solid 5. Absolutely no defects in the glaze or out of balance shaped pieces. (Even my high end stoneware had 2 pieces that were not a perfect shape and trying to replace the pieces is difficult because the glaze color would not match. What a joy not to go thru that event again!
If you are looking for weight lighter than your stoneware, but a more elegant look than the family type offered (the set has fabulous potential with your textile tableware), this is what you have been looking for if the shade of white was your choice.
I spent a year looking for a replacement for my stoneware. If you have considered porcelain and basic white, look no further!
(Can you tell how pleased I am with this product?!)
Highly recommend.

Ruby Dee Fontanez-Rodriguez
Simple and Elegant

This is all you need for your tableware. Elegant and microwave safe. All for one great price! Highly recommended.

Robert Grimes
Very versatile

I love this set. It is so versatile for any occasion. It is perfect for everyday but can be dressed up for formal use.