Pencil Sharpener, Eraser & Pouch Set



  • Zippered Bag
  • High Quality Eraser
  • Portable Pencil Sharpener

Living life on the go? Carry along a few desk essentials. Stylish & compact, our pencil sharpener, eraser & pouch set keeps you organized & ready for work.

Product of China

Dreaming up ideas on-the-go just got easier with our sturdy Pencil Sharpener, Eraser and Pouch Set. Stylish and compact, you can keep your supplies all in one place to stay nice and organized. This pouch set also pairs well with your notebooks, holding up to 8-12 writing utensils like your favorite Brandless Gel Pens and #2 Pencils. Here’s to getting supplied and ready for anything!

Zippered Pouch
High Quality Eraser
Portable Pencil Sharpener

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