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Chop To It Knife Bundle

Your inner chef is calling! Our ultra-sharp stainless steel knife bundle will have you slicing, chopping, peeling, and dicing like a pro. Our knives are perfect for a wide range of culinary tasks with full-tang construction and comfortable non-slip handles. 

✓ Ultra Sharp
✓ Stainless Steel
✓ Riveted Handle
✓ Comfortable Non-Slip Grip
✓ Free Shipping
✓ 100 Day Promise

This bundle retails for $68. You can view each item individually below. Here is everything this bundle includes:


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Brandless 100 Day Promise


Bread Knife
Weight: 0.38 lbs.
Blade Length: 8"
Overall Length: 13.2"

Nakiri Knife
Weight: 0.51 lbs.
Blade Length: 6.5"
Overall Length: 11.9"

Santoku Knife
Weight: 0.43 lbs.
Blade Length: 6.5"
Overall Length: 12"

Paring Knife
Weight: 0.16 lbs.
Blade Length: 3.7"
Overall Length: 7.9"

Chef’s Knife
Weight: 0.45 lbs.
Blade Length: 8"
Overall Length: 13.3"

Carving Knife
Blade Length: 7.6"
Overall Length: 12.6"

Honing Steel
Weight: 0.46 lbs.
Striation Length: 6.8"
Honing Steel Length: 8.1"
Overall Length: 13.2"

Knife Blade Covers
Weight: 0.07 lbs.
Small Cover Size: Fits 4.5" blade
Large Cover Size: Fits 8.5" blade


We recoommend hand washing to keep your blades from dulling more quickly.

Two-Stage Knife Sharpening Process

Stage 1: Edge Straightening
The edge of a sharp blade is quite narrow, and can get rolled over, knicked, and blunted as you use the knife.  Even tiny variations in edge alignment can make a blade feel less sharp, so the purpose of the Honing Steel is to reallign the blade edge to be consistent and straight without removing metal from the blade edge.

The recommended process for straightening a blade with the Honing Steel:

  1. Prep: gather the knives you wish to straighten, a dish towel or wood cutting board to serve as your firm support surface, and a damp paper towel to wipe off any excess metal shavings.
  2. Straighten: Use the cutting board or dish towel to protect your countertop, and use the pointed tip of the Honing Steel to point vertically down into that surface to provide a sturdy platform that won't move.  The Honing Steel is held in the non-dominant hand in a fist-like grip with the thumb pointed upward for a strong and comfortable grip.  The dominant hand holds the knife to be sharpened in a typical knfe-holding grip.  Starting at the very back of the blade nearest your hand, evenly and smoothly apply pressure between the knife blade edge and the Honing Steel as you draw the knife downward along the Honing Steel and simultaneously backward toward the tip of the blade.  Repeat this process 2-3 times per side of the blade you wish to straighten, alternating sides.  When done, wipe the blade and Honing Steel with the damp paper towel to grab any metal shavings that may have come loose, then dry and set aside for sharpening.

Stage 2: Edge Sharpening
Once the knife edge is properly aligned from Stage 1, a knife can be easily and smoothly sharpened using a graduated sharpening system of typical knife sharpeners or a set of sharpening stones.  The sharpening process removes tiny bits of metal from the area of the blade right at and behind the blade edge, providing you a smooth and sharp cutting edge free of knicks, burrs, rollovers, and frustration.

  1. Prep: Grab a dish towel or wood cutting board to act as your stable sharpening surface and some damp paper towels to wipe away any metal shavings that are created in the sharpening process.
  2. Honing: See our Honing Steel's instructions for getting your knife's edge aligned. Once a blade is aligned in the honing process, you can begin the process of sharpening the edge to get that razor-sharp edge you're looking for.
  3. Coarse Sharpening: Place the sharpener flat on a dry sufrace, give it a wiggle to make sure it will stay still as you drag the knife through it. Start on the "Coarse" channel side of the sharpener, with the gray colored tungsten steel blades. Use your non-dominant hand to hold the sharpener still and down against the surface of your cutting board or dish towel. Draw the knife blade slowly and evenly through the sharpener from the base of the blade to the tip, putting a little downward pressure on the blade. Take care not to cut yourself or scratch your tabletop as you draw the knife out of the sharpener. If the blade is sticking in the sharpener, use less downward pressure or repeat the honing of Step #2 to get the edge in better alignment. Repeat drawing the knife through the Coarse side of the sharpener two or more times, depending on how dull the knife was to begin with.
  4. Move over to the "Fine" channel and draw the knife through that side 3 or more times until the blade feels sharp. If after about 5 times through the "Fine" channel the blade is still not sharp, go back and start over with step #3, as the blade may need more coarse work before the fine ceramic touch-up can be effective. This process will become easier for you, the more they do it. The first time you use the sharpener on a well used blade, you may need to draw the blade through the "Coarse" channel 5 to 7 times to get the edge back. The sharpener removes some of the metal from the blade to sharpen it, unlike the hoing steal that simply straightens the metal to bring back the edge of the blade.
  5. Cleaning: Use a damp paper towel to wipe off your now-sharp blade thoroughly to remove any metal shavings.  Dry the knife and set it aside.  Discard the paper towel and any metal shavings it contains and enjoy your now-sharp knife.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
lockhart, valdonna
good stuff, good price

the knifes were of very good quality and a good price

pam zimmerman
Knife Bundle

good knives

Georgia P
Great knives

Cut myself the first time using these lol super sharp and great knives

Love the Nakiri, bought the bundle to upgrade my whole set.

Bought the Nakiri way back, figured I should just upgrade everything to a new set. Happy with the choice.

Love the knives. Wish there was a matching knife block

Loving how sharp the new knives are, but wish Brandless made a nice heavy knife block to store them all in.

Nice hefty knives.

The Nakiri has a nice hefty feel to it that helps give chopping an umph! 400 series stainless steel is a great compromise on cost vs stain-resistance, should stay looking great if you don't abuse them.

Fresh sharp knives are a treat.

Loving how shiny and sharp the knives are. Haven't been out shopping yet, so I've only tested the Santoku on chicken breasts and tomatoes, and the paring knife on de-eying potatoes, but so far, they're awesome. The small knife blade holders are a bit tight, so I'd suggest going with the large size only for most knives simply because they fit better.