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4 Quart Stainless Steel Saute Pan with Lid

Sauté, braise & sear. Made with nonreactive 5-ply clad stainless steel. Aluminum interior distributes heat evenly to avoid burning or overcooking. Includes lid.

quality tools, 5-ply stainless steel, built to last


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    Brandless 100 Day Promise


    About 5 Ply Cookware
    Suitable for all cooktop surfaces, the 430 stainless steel heating surface construction enables usage of this pan even on induction cooktops. The 5 layer construction provides more even heat distribution and retention across the entire surface, which reduces surface hot spots to deliver more even browning across your dish.  The 304 stainless steel food surface is a durable and stain resistant surface that doesn't have the health negatives associated with fluoronated non-stick surface treatments.

    Getting the Most out of Your Fry Pan

    • Suitable for all cooktops, including: gas, induction, electric, ceramic, and halogen
    • Suitable for use with all utensils, including: metal, wood, nylon, and silicone
    • Max oven temperature: 500ºF
    • Do not use cookware under broiler
    • Do not use with non-stick sprays unless they are 100% oil to avoid discoloration
    • Handle includes hole for hanging your pot for storage and/or drying


    • Pan Inner Flat Base Width: 9.5"
    • Pan Inner Top Lip Width: 10.25"
    • Pan Outer Width: 10.8"
    • Pan Inner Height: 2.7"
    • Pan Outer Height: 2.8"
    • Pan with Both Handles Length: 21.8"
    • Pan with Lid Height: 5.2"
    • Pan with Lid (upside down for storage): 3.3"

    Cleaning Instructions

    • Before first use, clean cookware in warm, soapy water with non-abrasive sponge
    • Cookware is dishwasher-safe, but hand washing using non-abrasive sponges is recommended


    • To keep your stainless steel cookware looking its best inside and out, avoid stacking the cookware pieces or include a paper or fabric layer in between pans to prevent surface scratching

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Lisa Ross
    Great pan

    I love the pan. It’s just the right size for almost anything you are cooking. Nice tall sides. Easy to clean and even heat distribution. I plan on buying a set of these pans next time they go on sale. Would make a great gift to a first time home owner or newlyweds. Great construction that will hold up for years.

    Susan Krompier
    Great for the price

    Well constructed heavy pan evenly heats

    Shirley Waxman
    love it

    it cooks beautifully, is very easy to clean, it has become my go to pan.

    Awesome pan for a great price

    Great pan for a great price!

    Great pan

    Wonderful. Ease of cooking and maintained luster after hand washing.

    First time with stainless steel.

    This is our first experience with stainless steel cookware and for the price we chose Brandless to see what it’s like. We have all of the available pieces offered. Ideally glass lids would be nice instead of the steel ones in order to see the cooking progress. They all seem very well made and were well packed with no delivery damage or quality control issues. All the pieces are quite heavy as others have mentioned which takes some getting used to. After a couple of weeks we find that a helper handle on the opposite end of the larger fry pans, as there is on the sauté pan, would help. Apparently the stainless steel used is not the best grade and that may be the reason why the insides of the pans have some degree of discoloration after use and hand washing as recommended doesn’t remove it. We got some Barkeeper’s Friend as others have recommended and that removes the discoloration quite well. We hope that having to do that extra step doesn’t get old after a while. There’s a learning curve with finding the desired temperature but that’s with any new set of pans. So we’re giving them a good chance and we will see how they work for us down the road. So far for the money, especially at 50% off, we’re pretty happy with this cookware set.

    selina a fernandez

    Exactly what is needed for daily use!