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Tub & Tile Cleaner Refills -Summer Breeze – 2 Pack


Tub and Tile Cleaner Refills, Summer Breeze – 2 pk

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Our non-toxic tub & tile refills are Green Seal Certified & sustainable. Each makes 32 fl oz. Just drop in starter-kit spray bottle, add water & shake! (If you don’t have the spray bottle, add one. [Brandless spray bottle](/products/refillable-tub-tile-cleaner-refills-summer-breeze-2-pack/

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Non-Ionic Surfactant Blend (Cas# Proprietary), Hexylene Glycol (Cas# 107-41-5), Propylenbe Glycol (CAS# 57-55-6) Water (Cas#7732-18-5), Fragrance (Cas #Proprietary, See http://www.Ifraorg.Org), Biocide (Cas#26172-55-4, Cas#2682-20-4).