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Brandless Endorsement Policy

All Brandless influencers must adhere to the following requirements:

1.     Your Posts must comply with the Federal Trade Commission's (the "FTC") Guides Concerning Endorsements and Testimonials ("Endorsement Guides"), for which we provide you a link under Standards of Conducts below. You agree to participate in any training we require on our Social Media Endorsement Policy which is designed to ensure compliance with the Endorsement Guides. You must clearly and conspicuously disclose your "material connection" with us, making it clear that you are a paid influencer and have received free products or are being paid. You must place the disclosure in plain sight in close proximity to any audio or visual communications that you make about us, our brands, and our products. You may not bury the disclosure in a link or place the disclosure in a string of hashtags or other disclosures. We require this disclosure regardless of any space limitations of the platform (like Twitter), where you can use hashtags for the disclosure (like #ad or #sponsored).

2.    Your Posts should only make factual statements about Brandless and our products which you know for certain are true and can be proven or verified.

3.     Although we want your Posts to be authentic and based on your own opinions, beliefs, and experiences, your Posts should rely on the Campaign Materials to accurately use our trademarks, describe the Campaign, and describe our products.

4.     Your Posts will be original and created solely by you.

5.     Your Posts will not include the intellectual property of other parties, including any third-party music, photographs, artwork, trademarks, logos, or slogans.

6.     Your Posts will not include any person, or personally identifiable information about anyone, other than you unless you receive our prior written approval and have the persons at issue sign a release provided by us.

7.     Your Posts will comply with the rules of the applicable social media platforms.

8.     Your Posts will comply with our standards of conduct set out in Exhibit B and any other policies we provide you.

9.     Your Posts will comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

Standards of Conduct

With respect to promotional messages, photos, or other communications made on social media platforms about Brandless and our products and brand, all influencers must adhere to the following standards:
  • You must comply with the Federal Trade Commission's (the "FTC") Guides Concerning Endorsements and Testimonials, including making:
    • statements that reflect your honest beliefs, opinions, and experiences; and
    • clear and conspicuous disclosure about your connection to us in all of your posts.
  • To better understand your responsibilities under the Endorsement Guides, you must review:
  • You may not:
    • make deceptive or misleading claims about our products or our competitors' products or services;
    • make any claims about our products or our competitors' products that are not backed up by evidence;
    • disclose any of our confidential information;
    • disparage Brandless or our brands or products;
    • engage in any communication that is defamatory or infringes upon the copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity, or other intellectual property rights of others;
    • offer for sale or solicit products on behalf of Brandless;
    • make offensive comments that have the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating or hostile environment;
    • post content that promotes bigotry, racism, or discrimination based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age;
    • use ethnic slurs, personal insults, obscenity, or other offensive language; and
    • make any comments or post any content that in any way promotes unsafe activities that could lead to an unsafe situation involving Brandless's consumers or other individuals.
  • You must adhere to:
    • the posted policies, guidelines, and terms of use on any platform on which you post content on behalf of Brandless, understanding that any these platforms' disclosure requirements about your connection to us do not necessarily satisfy FTC disclosure requirements; and
    • any additional guidelines provided by Brandless, such as productor brand-specific program requirements and our Social Media Endorsement Policy.
  • You must not create fake followers or engagement on social media platforms, such as:
    • buying followers;
    • using bots to grow audience size by automating account creation, following, commenting, and liking; or
    • post fake sponsored content.