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Aluminum Foil

A must-have for every kitchen! Made from 100% recycled aluminum, our heavy-duty aluminum foil is super handy for baking, storing food, and makes for quick clean up. Each roll is 33.3 sq. ft. .

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Brandless 100 Day Promise


Brandless Aluminum Foil is your go-to kitchen essential for baking, grilling, and storage needs.  The heavy duty foil is made without chemicals, and is easy to recycle afterwards. Use it to store food, line your roasting pans for easy cleanup, or cook meats and veggies. You can even use it to scrub your grill instead of steel wool or to sharpen your kitchen scissors. Recyclable and freezer and stove safe.  Do not use in microwaves.

Roll Length: 35 feet / 420"
Roll Width: 11.4"
Total Size: 33 square feet
Box includes serrated cutting lip
Box dimensions: 12"x1.8"x1.8"
Weight: 10.2oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Laura Tumminelli
The perfect weight foil

For the price it's the best foil out there. It's not cheap feeling or too thin and doesn't puncture easily. I stock up when I order. It's a must have along with wax paper & parchment paper. Plus I never forget to pick up paper products either.

Suzanna Jones
Brandless foil

Best foil around....

Sheila Hershey
The Best

This is the absolute best Foil I have ever used. Do not waste your money on Reynolds. This is even better!

kallee McCreery
quality product

This is heavy duty quality foil-like the ones you pay more than double for. Heavier than the big name brand that you get get at the store. It's a deal.

Shirley Allison
Aluminum Baking Pan

I really like the baking pan. I have not used it yet but plan to soon. The foil is very good as well.

Michelle Klein Hass
Why is this item so hard to find?

Aluminum cans get recycled more than any recyclable material there is. And yet, 100% recycled aluminum foil is hard to find in supermarkets. When it's available, it's many times more expensive than familiar brands which may or may not have some recycled content. There is no way of knowing what percentage is virgin aluminum from ore, and what percentage is recycled. Brandless foil is 100% recycled. It would be nice to know how much is pre-consumer recycled from waste aluminum from manufacturing and what percentage is made from post-consumer recycling, but most people don't think of that distinction. This is recycled, it is prevented from going to the landfill, and it has come back to us as that kitchen necessity, aluminum foil. It's nice and thick, usable for most "heavy duty" applications. And the best part is that the price is reasonable. When it costs you twice the price in stores, if you can find it, to get another brand of recycled aluminum foil, Brandless is worth waiting for.

April Siebersma
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This 13 foil is my go-to. I bought 75 feet of the cheap stuff from the store and instantly regretted it. I had just run out of this foil and thought it would be the same. Not! Brandless foil is great. It is thick and easily reusable. I get so much more out of less footage that the extra $1.50 makes this foil worth it. Will always buy.