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Grill Basting Brush


Slather sauces & oils on your grillables — our brush can take the heat! No more stray bristle hairs! This basting brush has durable silicone bristles that are heat resistant, so you can spread sauces directly onto food while grilling. The after-grilling cleanup is easy too, with a removable brush head for quick handwashing or loading in the dishwasher.


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Great for grilling meat and poultry, as well as vegetables and fish. Brush oil over grilled bread and spread cooking juices over meats to add layers of flavor. Use for applying sauces and marinades to meats as they grill over direct heat.  The long handle keeps your hand and the non-slip nylon handle away from the heat.  Handle includes built-in hole for hanging alongside the grill by hook or strap (not included).

Overall length: 14.5"
Bristle Length: 1.3"
Brush Width: 1.8"
Weight: 0.30 lbs.


Put the marinade, baste, glaze, or sauce you're grilling with in a small bowl or other large-mouthed container.  For thinner grilling marinades and sauces, just dip the bristles into the liquid and smoothly transfer the brush to your grilling items, then brush the liquid over all the surfaces you wish to cover.  Some coatings, seasonings, or sauce may fall into the grill as you brush your sauce on, so be careful of flashing, flames, or smoke.  For thicker sauces/glazes, you may need to use the brush head more like a scoop to get the sauce to the items on the grill.  Apply the desired amount of sauce, then return the grill brush to your sauce container or a nearby plate away from the heat. Do not let the brush contact the cooking surface directly or leave the brush near active flame or high heat sources.

The handle and head are both dishwasher safe, but for easy and quick hand cleaning, the brush head can simply be pulled off and cleaned separately.  The large amount of surface area of the brush head's bristles means that handwashing may be needed to thoroughly clean thicker sauces sufficiently.  The silicone is best cleaned with typical household dish soap and warm water, wrung dry, and then left to dry completely before reassembly to the handle by sliding the stainless steel handle into the 0.8" wide by 0.1" thick opening at the narrow (non-bristle) end of the brush head.

The silicone bristles will deform to whatever shape they're squished into, which may cause the bristles to not look as fresh and consistent over time. To reduced squished-looking bristles, store the brush hanging from it's handle hole, or laying flat in a drawer such that the bristles aren't squished. Curly bristles generally don't affect the performance of the brush, so don't worry if some bristles get a bit of a curve to them with use. If you want to straighten some unruly bristles, put the brush head in the dishwasher in a position where it won't be squished or knocked around and run a load and hang dry when complete -- the sustained heat of the dishwashing cycle and having the bristles not be under stress while heated and while drying will help straighten the bristles back out.

Customer Reviews

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Great Brush

High Quality, great for grilling, doesn't stain, washes up well.

Add this to your grilling tools

Good product with a great price

Good quality

Good quality basting brush. Works well.

Thumbs up

Love this brush. Very sturdy.


Great for BBQing

Cleans up nicely

Love that it comes apart for easy cleaning

It works

Great product