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Refillable Multi Surface Cleaner - Summer Breeze

One cleaner to rule them all! Our Green Seal Certified®, non-toxic Multi-Surface Cleaner is just as effective as it is refillable. Leaving behind sustainability spotless surfaces and a light, fresh scent, our refillable starter kit removes dirt and grime form a variety of surfaces. The starter kit comes with one refillable spray bottle and one disposable cleaning pack. Just drop the packet into the bottle, add cold water and wait for it to dissolve (about one minute), then shake and spray away!


Green Seal Award GS-8

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Brandless 100 Day Promise


Each 32 oz refillable bottle comes with one cleaning pack and a trigger handle.
Refill packs of 2 can be found here.
Scent: Summer Breeze

Our Multi-Surface Cleaner is safe for use on hard, nonporous surfaces and is mild enought for use on cleaning wooden furniture - be sure to test small portion of the wood when cleaning at first, as there are many typres of woods and finishes. 


Non-Ionic Surfactant Blend (CAS# Proprietary), Hexylene Glycol (CAS# 107-41-5), Water (CAS#7732-18-5), Fragrance (CAS# Proprietary, See, Biocide (CAS# 26172-55-4, CAS#2682-20-4).


Insert entire pack into bottle. Fill entire bottle with cold water. Wait one minute to let dissolve. Shake. Spray surface to be cleaned. Wipe off with a clean, dry paper towel of lint free cloth.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
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Easy to use

Great product for cleaning everything. It's great having this product available to wipe off surfaces in every room. Simple packaging that works well and love the refill pod.

Go back to old stuff!

Nothing like the old non-refillable bottles I used to love. Don't care for the smell at all, it's not even close to the old summer breeze. Yes I mixed correctly

Skip the Bottle, Buy the Cleaner

This product is a great concept, but the fails in execution. The cleaner itself is wonderful, but the bottle is faulty and leaks everywhere, which ends up creating another plastic bottle and wastes cleanser. Very disappointed with the spray bottle.

Love it.

I love it. Not so much on the smell, it's fine but I don't think of summer breeze. And FYI read directions before using. I accidentally opened the package of cleaner instead of letting it dissolve in the water -_-

Can't recommend this enough!

I only used Brandless now

I would buy it again!!

Good spray bottle and smells good, also will be buying the refills. I love how it can be refilled without having to keep buying a new spray bottle every time.

A new household staple!

I've tried out various eco friendly cleaners and have been disappointed with most of them (too sudsy, didn't actually cut the counter grease around the stove, etc), but this one is exactly what I'd hoped! It leaves my counters and stove spotless, doesn't lather up all over the counter, and smells lovely. Added to the subscription box for sure!