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Laundry Detergent Packs - Lavender 2-Pack

Don't let its size fool you, these powerful laundry pods pack a punch! Awarded "Best Laundry Pod" in green cleaning by Parents® Magazine! Made without artificial dyes and brighteners, our award-winning, concentrated lavender laundry packs effectively clean while leaving behind a pleasant scent of lavender after each wash. This 2-Pack includes child-resistant tubs composed of a minimum of 90% post-consumer recycled materials, these Green Seal Certified® laundry packs make for a safer, non-toxic clean.

Bundle and save with this 2-pack!

Green Seal Award GS-48


brandless-checkmarkLayer 1 hypoallergenic brandless-checkmarkLayer 1 non-toxic brandless-checkmarkLayer 1 cruelty free brandless-checkmarkLayer 1 green seal certified® brandless-checkmarkLayer 1 safe for all washers


Brandless 100 Day Promise


Bundle comes with 2 containers with 50 Packs in each container.
Scent: Lavender
Sealed in a child-resistant container made of recycled material.


Ppg-9Ethylhexeth-5 (Cas# Proprietary), Hexylene Glycol (Cas#107-41-5), Water(Cas#7732-18-5), Subtilisin (Cas# 9014-01-1), Amylase (Cas# 9000-90-2), Fragrance (Cas# Proprietary, See

Product Contains Enzymes and Fragrance.

Contains Allergens(s) [Benzyl Salicylate]
(Cas# 118-58-1), Citronellol (Cas# 106-22-9), Coumarin (Cas# 91-64-5), Geraniol (Cas# 106-24-1), Lilial (Cas# 80-54-6), Linalool (Cas# 78-70-6)].


Insert entire pack into machine. DO NOT CUT OR TEAR OPEN PACK. Use 1 PACK for light and normal loads of laundry. Use 2 PACKS for heavy soil or large loads. Pretreat stains. After sorting by color, fabric, and soil amount; place clothes in laundry machine. Use cold water when possible and fill machine using appropriate cycle. For use in any water hardness. Running full loads of laundry is recommended.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I originally bought this out of pure curiosity and to meet the free shipping minimum but I have since returned to stock up on these alone for the next year! Amazing clean and scent left behind. I disagree with a previous comment that says the scent is overwhelming; the scent is just perfect, especially if you do not use any fabric softener or scent beads in your wash. The scent fades to a really subtle fresh scent after you put the clothes in the dryer too.

Tammie Harris
As advertised

The fragrance is subtle, which I appreciate. Put it to the test with my husband's whites and almost white socks. Did the job. Thank you.

cindy w
too much scent!

These laundry detergent pods have gotten my laundry clean - but leave behind too much perfume. The liquid pod format means I can't put any less than a full amount in with my wash to limit the smell. The smell is nice and I like a bit of a scent but these are really strong.

Connie Riche
Lavender laundry detergent packs

Love these, they clean very well and smell nice too

Tamara Furlow
Lavender fragrance

I really am happy with my purchase of the laundry packs.

Brandless Lavender laundry paks

Delicious scent for laundry and fresh clean loads in my HE washer set at lowest time. Got mine 50% off and four years or more of products.