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Brandless Greatest Hits Bundle - Remixed


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Tracy Andrews
Worth the Money

I have purchased this bundle twice now. The products have changed slightly but still worth the money. It gives you the ability to try out products you might not necessarily buy usually. I really wish they would get the toothpaste back in stock.

Donna Hussain
Great selection of products

I have not tried everything yet so I'll stick to what I have already used. The deodorant is much better than I expected. It works great and smells very nice. It's pretty hot here this time of year (AZ) so it makes a big difference if it was not effective. The dishwasher tabs get dishes clean and make the dishwasher smell good. They work as well as the Finish tabs I used to use. I don't pre wash like some people do before putting dishes in so that is a good thing. I like the hand lotion very much. It is thick and rich. Maybe not the very best I've ever used but I will order again. The market bag is sturdy and easily carries my fruits and vegetables. It carries much more than it seems will fit at a glance. The spray bottles are plastic but reusable. They are pretty tall. I prefer a shorter glass bottle myself but it's a personal preference. The glass is a little heavier and has a silicone cover on the bottom to prevent damage. The glass and all purpose cleaners worked as expected. That is all I have tried so far.

Lori Lugenbeel
Best Bundle Ever

Brandless has the absolute Best Bundles curating All the Essentials and So much more🎁Outstanding Value and Crushes the whole 'Healthy House, Healthy Family, Healthy Life' Core❤and Great Customer Care
& Will absolutely buy again!!!

Jade Dell
Great bundle

I was thrilled with the Greatest Hits Bundle. The nice savings allowed me to share with family the items I will not be using and that spread the joy AND was a good advertisement for Brandless.

Laura Johnson
LOVE this bundle!

I really loved the toothpaste, which I don't think they have anymore. But I also love all the cleaners, the laundry detergent packs, and the body butter. The essential oils are also great! Definitely seemed like a good value even though I didn't love every single item. Mostly I loved just being able to try out so many things. Thanks, Brandless!

DEFINITELY worth the money...

Bought this recently. I had already purchased a several items before they changed some of their product lines. I have tried about half of the products. I love them! Only thing I wasn't crazy about was the sugar scrub. Toilet paper rolls are also really small. But, the value and quality of these items, especially with this bundle are worth the purchase!