Pare, slice, chop, and dice with the only 5 kitchen knives you need, plus a honing tool, to keep them lookin’ sharp. Every chef needs a Chef's Knife to handle all the tasks, from cutting birthday cake to breaking down chicken or roasts. Meanwhile, our Japanese knives are truly cutting edge. The Santoku Knife is a rockstar multipurpose tool that makes it your go-to for chopping vegetables and meats. The hollow-ground cut-outs in the blade help keep food from sticking to the blade as you chop. The Nakiri Knife’s cleaver- like blade is perfect for chopping small vegetables and acts like a bench scraper to move chopped ingredients to your pan like a pro. Attempting to cut through bread and tomatoes without making a mess? A Serrated Bread Knife is essential for slicing through those hard exteriors with soft interiors. Small and scrappy, our Paring Knife has a slightly curved blade, making precision slicing fast and easy. Finally, this mighty Honing Steel will keep blades in tip-top shape. We recommend sharpening knives after every 2-4 uses. Now, put those knife skills to work. Chop chop!


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