Better stuff, fewer dollars.
It's that simple.

Brandless was brought to life on July 11, 2017 with the intention of making better stuff accessible and affordable for more people. Our mission is deeply rooted in quality, transparency, and community-driven values. Better stuff, fewer dollars. It’s that simple.

The fact is, better doesn’t have to cost more. That’s why we created Brandless. By building direct relationships with our suppliers and customers from the start, we eliminate all the extra costs associated with inefficient and unnecessary markups.
We make “better-for-you” quality products more widely accessible and affordable for everyone.
Better doesn’t have to cost more.

It all started with a problem: The system by which goods are made, distributed, sold, and brought home is long overdue for a makeover. When products are manufactured today, they don’t go straight to the store.

Traditional brands have a lot of markups built into their retail pricing; like distribution costs, wholesale to retail markups, and shelf stocking. They’ll pay breakage fees and face settlement costs. In fact, brands are often asked to pay retailers’ in-store marketing costs, end-capping, and more.

And YOU, the customer, end up covering the cost of these additional markups!


Carefully Curated, High Quality Products

Starting with a collection of over 300 everyday essentials, our team circles the globe to create a curated assortment of high-quality products. We do thorough research, product-vetting, and taste-testing to ensure that every product we sell meets incredibly high quality standards. And we’ll never make you choose between 12 different kinds of quinoa. We have one, you can trust it’s a good one, and it’s organic (natch!).

Our Standards of Quality

So how do we define high-quality? We focus on Just What Matters™. In every category, there are “best practices” — the gold standards of quality that are in line with what matters to people today. For cotton, it’s organic; for chips, it’s non-GMO; for paper products it’s sustainability. We call this category-by-category approach our “Just What Matters” philosophy. Learn more about our standards or quality for each category.

The “Just What Matters” philosophy also means we prioritize offering products that match people's values, preferences, and at times, requirements — whether it be organic, Fair Trade, gluten-free, or vegan food; tree-free paper, non-toxic cleaning supplies, or cruelty-free and clean personal care products free of over 400 questionable ingredients.

Safety & Integrity

Our products are made under the highest standards of safety, quality, and social ethics such as certified Global Food Safety (GFSI) or Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Household Cleaners

Brandless products adhere to the strictest performance and nontoxic, safer-chemical standards set by the EPA.

Home & Office

Our paper products are either made with bamboo and sugarcane fiber or are FSC certified ensuring sustainable forestry practices.

Food & Beverage

Our vast food assortment is entirely non-GMO and over half is certified organic. All of our food is made without any artificial preservatives or flavors.

Health & Beauty

We’re against animal testing. In addition, we’ve banned over 400 harmful ingredients like parabens, polypropylene, phthalates, and sulfates from our beauty products.

Feminine Hygiene

Brandless feminine hygiene products are made from hypoallergenic certified organic cotton, free of chlorine, rayon, fragrance, or dyes.

Brandless cuts inefficiences and markups to deliver lower prices
Simple, Fair Prices.

At Brandless, you never have to bother checking prices, because it’s all $3. Yup. Really. $3. How? We cut out the middleman and ship direct, so you don't pay extra for the countless unnecessary steps between the supplier and a traditional retailer’s shelf.

All of those middleman markups are what we call the BrandTax™, the hidden extra costs you typically pay for a retail brand. By cutting out BrandTax™, we’re able to offer amazing quality products at an incredible value.

Community Informed

At Brandless, we put people first. And that means you. (and you and you and you too!) We’re creating a new kind of brand-customer relationship by being in direct, two-way communication with the people who buy our stuff and the people who make our stuff.

We’re engaging a community of people who believe everyone deserves better and that better doesn’t have to cost more.

Relationships = Two Way Communication

Most CPG companies don’t have any relationship with consumers. If you think about how products are distributed today, their customers are the stores, not the end consumer. At Brandless, we’re in constant contact with our community, and this goes way beyond our customer service team. The whole Brandless organization is built around customer feedback. Our merchants, marketers, and compliance gurus all talk directly to our customers, every day. We meet them in person, on the phone, on social media, and through email.

Our community even writes notes (and we write back!). We pay attention to what people buy and listen closely to what matters to them, and use that feedback to plan our collection. Just ask Candice McDonald (@CandiceMcD) — she asked for Organic Beef Jerky and we delivered (love ya Candice!). Or Alexandria Williams-Dawkins (@alexandriawill) — she let us know she’d love green supplements and voila! Brandless Greens & Antioxidant Blend was born.

Tangible Acts of Kindness

We’re dedicated to providing value to the greatest number of people possible, by democratizing access to quality, and making lasting change in our communities. We designed Brandless to be a company that gives back every. single. day.

Tangible Acts of Kindness

We’re dedicated to providing value to the greatest number of people possible, by democratizing access to quality, and making lasting change in our communities. We designed Brandless to be a company that gives back every. single. day.

Helping to Fight Hunger with Feeding America®

Did you know that 41 million people struggle with hunger in the United States? This statistic makes our heart hurt. That’s why every time anyone checks out at Brandless, we donate a meal to someone facing hunger through our partnership with Feeding America®, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization. To date we’ve donated over 1.5 million meals and we’re just getting started.

Doing What's Right

Caring for our neighbors, our communities, and enabling a better future is more than just a give back program for us. We’re kind because it’s the right thing to do and believe in leading by example. We support office-wide volunteer days, offer individual volunteering opportunities, and give every team member a yearly option to donate to charities of their choice through the Brandless organization in both our San Francisco and Minneapolis offices.

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